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Another kind of love


Abuse is often misunderstood as an “other kind” of love, a “challenging” or “difficult” one. It takes courage and deep self reflection, in order to understand and admit to own self, when we experience it trough all kind of relationships in our lives.

Air playing with fire


Libido & Mortido


We were taught that God is good, Satan is evil. That light brings us clearness and darkness pulls us into the abyss. However, the beauty of Nontheism is in the understanding of the different aspects of reality by integrating them and accepting them as essential parts of life, instead of excluding them from the bigger picture, trough moral connotation.

Par Condicio


Due to factors, like: social shaming/blaming, close relation to the rapist, fear of not being believed, religious or cultural believes, and other reasons, many rape victims choose to stay in silence. Ending the “silencing” and supporting the sharing of information are fundamental steps in the fight against rape.